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St George's Hotel, 71 Mount Wise, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 2BP, Tel: 01637 873010, email St George's Hotel

If you surf or want to learn, what better place to visit than one of the many hotels in newquay. The town has produced some of Europes best surfers over the years and is situated  close to many good breaks.

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It goes without saying, the biggest swells are in the winter, however the summer can still produce gnarly waves and it's warm. The best times in the season are usually spring autumn but the occasional flat spell in the summer doesn't last long, so any time is a good time really.


One of the great features about the area, is that it has spots that work on different tides and there are several areas which pick up even the smallest swells.


As mentioned in other areas of the site, Newquay is a great hub for exploring Cornwall and indeed the best breaks in the county.


St George's Hotel welcomes surfers from all over the world! We are only ten minutes walk from Fistral (south end) and five minutes walk from the town beaches (the bay).


We offer safe storage of equipment and can offer discounts on group bookings. And it goes without saying, advice on where to go (Newquay and surrounding areas) depending on conditions.